Accessible Bathrooms for the disabled and the elderly

Bathrooms are among the most important spaces to remodel for seniors and people with disabilities, as they not only afford privacy and independence, but also require extremely important safety regulations. Particularly for entering or exiting the shower or bath, or using the toilet.


For sinks, it can be better for wheelchair users if the sink is higher than typical, and if the sink has open space underneath. This enables the ability to roll straight up to the sink rather than having to reach or stretch over. But if the existing sink has a cabinet base, it may be possible to remodel the center part of the cabinet and create the same effect without purchasing a new one.

Also, similarly to doors, faucets with lever-type handles rather than knobs are easier to use, and it may even be worth investigating touch-operated faucets and other fixtures like those often seen in public restrooms.


Toilets should also have higher than standard seat heights for more ease and less distance traveled when transferring between the toilet and a wheelchair, or sitting down and standing up. Install grab bars on both sides of the toilet of course if possible, and depending on the extent of the remodel, consider rearranging the room to where a wheelchair can comfortably fit near the toilet.

Showers and Tubs

There are many different options for showers and tubs, and the best choice will be dependent on your budget and whether you are completely remodeling or making small modifications.

Substantial remodeling solutions include installing a tub with a vacuum-sealed door, enabling direct walk or roll-in entry, or an open shower that is curbless or has a minor curb. If neither of these options is feasible, you can also buy various types of specialized lifts. Simpler steps that every remodeling budget should include for bathrooms are installing a grab bar, handheld shower head, and lever-handled water valves.

These are just some of the ways we can make your bathroom more accessible, but we’ll explore every option available to ensure that any renovations needed are right for you. We offer expert advice and skill when it comes to quality installations that go beyond the standard needed for safety and security when remodeling and adapting bathrooms to be more accessible for the disabled and elderly.