Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnace Installation

Gas furnaces are a forced-air heating system used in many homes and businesses. They’re a highly reliable, efficient means for heating in HVAC systems already equipped with central air conditioning. Gas furnaces can achieve optimum heat much faster, and more efficiently than other heating units.

Gas Furnace Facts

Gas furnace users pay 1-2 times less to heat their homes than those using electric heat.

50% of American homes are heated with gas.

Gas furnaces can last up to 20 years—sometimes more.

Gas furnaces do require more maintenance than heat pump systems. Regular maintenance and annual inspections are necessary not only to ensure the system is clear of dangerous leaks, but to keep the unit running efficiently and safely while lowering energy costs. JP’s technicians are highly trained at performing gas furnace maintenance, repairs, inspections and installations.

Choosing the Right Gas Furnace

There are variety of gas furnaces on the market all claiming to be the most energy efficient, so it can be confusing to identify the pros and cons of each option. At JP’s Plumbing and Heating, we strive to educate and understand your needs before suggesting service or new equipment. Our technicians are experienced in nearly every make and model of gas furnace, just give us a call for equipment manufacturer recommendations.  

Whether you are installing a new system, or it’s time for a replacement, JP’s Plumbing and Heating. will provide expert advice in line with your goals and budget so you can make the best investment decision.

For more information on gas furnace service, contact JP’s Plumbing & Heating today.