Gas Logs

Are you looking for a way to add style and comfort to your home? Then a gas fireplace may be the perfect solution. Gas log fireplaces offer all the same benefits as traditional wood fireplaces, without all the work. Using natural gas, these convenient fireplaces can easily heat your home, and keep you comfortable during the colder months. Because of this use of natural gas however, having gas fireplace installation services completed by professionals is key. From new installations to repairs on old systems, our knowledgeable technicians can help.

5 Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

  • NO UPKEEP: The most important perk that you will enjoy from a gas fireplace is the elimination of the work needed to heat your home. With a traditional fireplace, you need to gather wood, light it, maintain it, and then clean the entire area afterward. A gas log fireplace provides clean warmth with no need for care or tending.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: While gas fireplaces will use up energy while operating, you can actually save in the long run. How? By using your fireplace for warmth, instead of a central heating system, you can cut down on costs significantly, while still enjoying a comfortable home.
  • EASY TO USE: As mentioned before, traditional fireplaces take a lot of work to manage. With a gas log fireplace, lighting is as easy as pushing a button. In addition, you can actually lower or raise the amount of heat in order to create your ideal comfort situation.
  • NO CHIMNEY NEEDED: Some homes may not have a chimney, but that won’t prevent you from enjoying a gas fireplace. A professional can easily open the space and install a gas fireplace with the correct amount of ventilation, without the need for a complete chimney system.
  • ADDED STYLE: While less of a practical benefit, gas log fireplaces can be a great way to add some style to your home. Whether you want to add some stone masonry, a nice mantel, or a sleek modern glass look, adding a gas fireplace can be an easy way to wrack up the style points in your home.

We can help design and install your new fireplace all without breaking the bank. We will install the gas line fitting and ensure that your fireplace is safe to operate. Best of all, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction, so you always know you’ll be happy with our services.

Expert Repair & Maintenance Solutions

A gas fireplace can have plenty of benefits that make your home warm and comfortable, but they also require maintenance and care to ensure they continue to work. Because they use natural gas, it’s important to make sure any issues like leaks or damages are repaired as quickly as possible. 

At JP’s Plumbing and Heating, we offer expert gas fireplace repair services. From checking your gas lines to replacing any damaged parts, we keep your fireplace working in top condition at all times. We can also schedule regular maintenance services and annual inspections to allow for peace of mind in your home.