Referral Program

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Refer your friends and neighbors earn money! Every time your customer code is used you get $25 back*. The savings aren’t capped, so keep spread the word and get as many of your friends to use your customer code for their first JP’s service.


How it works

For you
• Your technician will leave a referral card with you that you can use to share however you want that has your customer referral code.
• Existing customers will have a referral code generated (first name + last initial + house number).
• You can use the image below to share on social media if you’d like.

For Them
• They will inform the technician that they have a referral code.
• When the technician is accepting payment he will request the code allow you to get the promotional discount and allow us to track that codes use for your friend to get there $25 off. If, customer payment is collected by invoice inform your technician to notate the referral code on the work order so that can be reflected on the invoice.

The need to knows of the program


  • $25 OFF: will be for first time customers only. Existing customers are exempt from from the service discount.
  • $25 BACK: will be paid at end of the month based on the number of code usages for the previous month.(checks will be mailed to the address JP’s Plumbing and Heating has in it’s billing software)
  • $25 BACK: is for a code being used at a service call, and will accumulate on a per month basis. Currently there are no limits as to how any times your customer code can be used, which means that if you get 10 friends using your code you can earn $250!


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