I have a sewer odor in my house/business, what can I do?
Plumbing fixtures have traps that are sealed by water. If the trap becomes dry, sewer odors can occur. Simply pour water into the trap to re-seal the trap.

Do I need to disconnect my hose from my outdoor faucet?
Yes. Garden hoses can cause major damage if not disconnected. During cold snaps, if a garden hose is left connected, ice will form and pressure will build up in the water lines inside your home. Once this occurs, a water line leak or break is common. This can cause severe damage to the home. Disconnect garden hoses and drain outdoor pipes to prevent damage during the winter.

Should I use chlorine tablets in my toilet tank?
No. Never put toilet tank cleaning tablets or chlorine tablets in the tank of your toilet to freshen the water during flushing. These tablets can affect the rubber gaskets inside your tank causing leakage and eventual damage. If you want to clean your toilet bowl and tank, once a week pour bleach into the tank and flush it through 3 times after about 10 minutes. DO NOT let the bleach sit in the tank any longer than 10 minutes.

How often should I have my air conditioning and heating system professionally inspected or maintained?
You should have your AC and heating system professionally maintained annually per season. A check-up keeps your equipment working at optimal energy efficiency and helps avoid costly repairs. Our technicians are trained to maintain your heating equipment. Read more about our service and maintenance packages on the Services page.

Why is it harmful to pour hot grease in your sink?
Pouring cooking grease down the drain can result in major clogging problems. When hot grease meets cold water, the cooling grease solidifies and grease starts to build up in pipes, causing flow to slow down. Eventually the drain will clog, blocking all flow. Running hot water and soap down the drain will not break up the grease. Grease should be cooled (but still liquid) and poured into a container with a secure lid, such as a metal coffee can or plastic bottle and placed in your garbage.

Why does the water in my toilet keep running?
When a toilet has been flushed but is still running water, the flapper seal within the tank is probably too worn. The fill valve is trying to refill the tank to the proper levels (therefore the sound of running water), but the water is able to escape into the toilet bowl, causing the water level to drop too low. It is a cycle that will continue and likely become worse until the seal is replaced.


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