Condensate Pumps

Many older homes in the Statesville and surrounding areas are equipped with a Furnace Condensate Pump, which is responsible for collecting and dispersing the hot water and other liquid accumulated around your heating systems via condensation. If you have noticed a puddle beneath your Condensate Pump, or water collecting underneath your heating system, it is time to call the professionals at JP’s Plumbing and Heating to take a look at your Pump system.

Repair and Checks


Condensate pumps can experience a variety of issues, from power supply to clogging, and it is important to have a licensed technician check on your pump yearly. In some cases, safeties on certain pumps can trip up the system so that it doesn't work, causing an HVAC problem.

Avoiding expensive repairs starts with keeping water away from your HVAC system, and the best way to do this is to keep your condensate pump clean and functioning well. An HVAC specialist from JP's can offer a thorough cleaning of your pump and system, as well as check all of the key components and provide recommendations based on the manufacturers.

While proper maintenance can lengthen the life of your pump, when the time comes to replace your equipment, you can count on JP’s to provide variable solutions that are sure to fit your budget and needs. When you begin to notice water pooling around your heating system, it may be time to call a professional. Replacing a condensate pump requires a properly sized piece of equipment that matches your current system, that has the proper amount of lift needed to keep your space dry. Our specialists at JP's Plumbing and Heating can walk you through choosing the right replacement that will serve you faithfully for years to come.

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