Water Supply & Sewer Lines

Many home owners wonder how often they will have to replace their water or sewer lines during the lifespan of their home. In most cases, a properly installed sewer line can last for 50 years or more, but natural events such as flooding, storm damage, or even tree roots can lead to damage that can affect their performance. Even a small leak can be a nightmare for your bills and for your yard, so it is important to call a professional as soon as you suspect there may be damage to your water or sewer line.

When the time comes to replace this equipment, count on the JP’s Plumbing and Heating family to ensure that your next replacement will last for as long as possible. Call our office today for an estimate or to schedule your consultation.

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Leave the Mess Outside of the Home with our Outside Sewer Line Clean-Outs

We install with care, keeping the functionality of your home in mind. Your water cutoff valves will be installed either indoors or outdoors, in an easy-to-access location to give you and your family the peace of mind that comes with access.


Signs You May Need a Full Sewer Line Replacement:

  • Slow-moving drains in various places throughout your home... that persist despite de-clogging and drain cleaning services
  • Patches on your lawn that appear either wet or extra green
  • Sewer gas odors in our around hour home
  • Frequent plumbing clogs in your home's sewage system

Our Plumbers have the equipment, expertise, and experience to tackle your full drain line or sewer line replacement with confidence. Bringing expert knowledge to complicated projects is our specialty, and our team is more than happy to help with your sewer line repair. Pricing and project duration will depend on several factors, including the length of your sewer line and how easy it is to access, but we are happy to provide honest estimates up front after taking a look at your property.

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