Package Units (Heat & AC)

An HVAC package unit is an option for homeowners to store all of their HVAC equipment in one place, usually on the exterior of the home. These systems are typically more convenient and therefore more economical to install, and have the benefit of providing a quieter environment inside the home. While there are many considerations that go into the decision to install a package unit in your home, the professionals at JP’s Plumbing and Heating are equipped to provide an honest consultation that you know that you can rely on to make the right decision for you and your family.

Benefits & Advantages

Enjoy the efficiency, high SEER rating, and easy installation benefits that come from using and installing a package unit in your home. If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about package units, call our office today.

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Common Issues

While a package unit is an excellent solution for homeowners looking for an easy way to both heat and cool their home as needed, even the best installed systems may run into some issues. Be on the lookout for some of these common problems that we often encounter on the job.

  • Debris

Sometimes, a package unit issue is as simple as dust and debris that have collected in and around your unit, which can stop it from functioning properly in much the same way as a drain clog can affect your plumbing system. This issue can easily be avoided with regular HVAC maintenance services from our technicians, where we both take care of cleaning and look for common maintenance needs.

  • Your Thermostat

Sometimes, the issue isn't your package unit at all, and is instead your thermostat system. If your thermostat is not calibrated properly, even with a properly functioning package unit, your home will not be heated or cooled to your desired temperature. To avoid this kind of disconnect, your thermostat system should be recalibrated regularly.

  • Broken or Blown Fuses

This may be a common issue, but thankfully it is an easy an affordable fix. Often times when we arrive on site to evaluate a package unit that is not functioning properly, we find the issue is a blown fuse. In this case, all it takes is the quick installation of a new one and your system is up and running in no time! While we perform the installation, our HVAC technicians are also sure to check for other common maintenance needs that may arise.

  • Capacitors

A burnt out or broken capacitor is often the culprit for a package unit that either has trouble starting, or is inconsistent in function. If you've noticed that your package unit isn't consistently heating or cooling your home, or that the temperature in your home varies more than it has in the past, you should contact an HVAC professional to take a look at this critical part.




As with most kinds of equipment, maintenance is key! Keeping your package unit in peak condition is an investment in the length of it's life, and our HVAC professionals can help.

Our comprehensive maintenance services include inspections, cleaning, and adjustments to ensure all components are functioning optimally. By investing in routine package unit maintenance, you not only prevent unexpected breakdowns but also enhance energy efficiency, saving on utility costs over time.

When the time does come to replace your package unit- whether it was damaged to the point of inoperability or the age of the unit has made a replacement necessary, we can match your current system up with a new one that is optimal for replacement. We will provide you with your choices and recommend what we believe will be the simplest and quickest option.

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